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how to track anonymous asks.



So you have your ask.

Highlight the word “block”
Right click the word block.
Click “View Selection Source”
Something like this should pop up:

Highlight the “IP” (the blacked out part).
Copy the IP address and paste it to this website:
Paste the IP address into there, press enter or “Lookup IP Address” and all the information should come up. 

Anon u r in trubl

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Even though they didn’t keep it, this is my favorite scene in the movie. 

First, it’s hilarious. There’s that little hint of humor in Eve’s expression as she tries to inject a little levity into their predicament, but it falls flat because Adam has NO CLUE what she’s talking about.

Eve is aghast that Adam has never seen or even heard of ‘Fargo’ (bc even if you haven’t seen the movie, you get that reference) or Steve Buscemi. (Which is just a crime against nature, Adam.)

Then Eve puts on that ‘what am I going to do with you omg’ face that married people/people in long-term committed relationships get (I give my husband this look all the time).

Finally Adam. OH ADAM. He’s actually worried that his wife thinks him ‘unhip’ and it’s one more example of how her opinion means so much to him. 

And Eve is still in ‘I CANNOT BELIEVE’ mode.

I agree… I laughed so hard when I saw this. It should have been left in.







So I don’t think those free condoms universities hand out suck as much as guys say they do.

Okay, but seriously. If you’re ever considering sexy times with a guy and he tells you that he can’t wear a condom there is a 100.3% chance that he is a liar, and you should definitely not have sex with him. Don’t have sex with liars. Have sex with a cute honest people that bring you ice cream the next morning. Liars do not bring you ice cream. And if they do it’s ice cream made of lies. Ice cream made of lies is very emotionally unfulfilling. Don’t trust liars or their disease-ridden ice cream.

that was the best safe-sex talk ever.

Why I am suspicious of those who say they got pregnant because a condom “broke”… 

HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER USED A CONDOM. HAVE ANY OF YOU HAD SEX YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CONDOMS. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m sick of this shit. Just because a condom has a tensile force high enough to withstand inflation does not mean it can comfortably fit any penis. No one wants latex literally stretched against a boner like it is in this pic. A condom that is too small causes added friction which can lead to the condom tearing. If someone tells you it is too small, you LISTEN. YOU DO NOT HAVE RAW SEX WITH THEM. THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM SAYING. YOU GO BUY A MAGNUM. There are even sizes above that. SO NO THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO SAY THAT A PERSON CANNOT WEAR ANY CONDOMS BUT THERE ARE PLENTY OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOT FIT IN CERTAIN SIZES. And whoever the fuck said they don’t believe condoms break is literally fucking stupid as hell. You didn’t even try to think you slut shaming ignorant ass. Condoms do not break from things not fitting in them. They break due to frictional forces without sufficient lubricant and air bubbles trapped in the reservoir tip that push through the latex upon ejaculation. Proper application requires that the tip be pinched to remove this air while it is rolled down the shaft. Very few people know this due to the rampant lack of appropriate sex ed. Proper condom application technique and education is crucial to effective birth control and STI protection. So before you go spouting your ignorant crap, how bout you think about your penised partner and the overall function of a condom and try to spread real education rather than shaming people.

Thank you for articulating what most cannot even comprehend. <3

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